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Firstly, we believe this is the best province in the country to live, but we would say that!

From a property investment point of view one of the key factors that helps drive all residential property markets is the concept of 'affordability'. In simple terms this is the relationship between individual 'earnings' and property values. This relationship is fundamental when predicting yields and potential for capital growth.

According to recent report the Mpumalanga remains one of the most 'affordable' areas of the country in which to buy property - Chelsea, in South Africa, the least! As a consequence the Mpumalanga remains a very attractive place to invest. Rental incomes are surprisingly comparable to the rest of the country and because property prices are substantially lower, the 'yield' on your investment is greater.

The overall rental market in Mpumalanga is extremely buoyant with good demand. As pricess have fallen by up to 35% over the 5 years but are now rising again there has never been a better time to invet.

Note:- As with any investment yields and capital values can go down as well as up. SA Project Investments (Pty) Ltd do not guarantee rental incomes or post refurbishment values in any way and ongoing maintenance costs may be incurred in the future. SA Project Investments (Pty) Ltd are not financial advisors. We act as an agent sourcing, maintaining, leeting and managing residential proprties on behalf of investor clients.