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1. You join as an investor                 to become a member of the SA Project Investments community and be able to view comprehensive reports on available SA Project Investments properties

2. You add any amount you choose, in multiples of R50 000, to your account using your secure Personal Portfolio Dashboard. This can be done by either a simple debit card transaction or an online bank transfer. Your funds are held securely in a stand alone, "ring fenced" client account with Payfast.

3. You see a SA Project Investments property investment package similar to 

                                 on our                                                     page. The total package price  is R 900 000 and you decide to invest R 100 000 from your account in that   particular property deal                            

4. To keep the maths simple we will assume that another 89 investors also contribute R 100 000 to the crowdfund to fully fund the property at R 900 000, in reality individual investment amounts vary in multiples of R 50 000.

Note:- As with any investment yields and capital values can go down as well as up. SA Project Investments (Pty) Ltd do not guarantee rental incomes or post refurbishment values in any way and ongoing maintenance costs may be incurred in the future. SA Project Investments (Pty) Ltd are not financial advisors. We act as an agent sourcing, maintaining, leeting and managing residential proprties on behalf of investor clients.

5. SA Project Investments forms an SPV, Special Purpose Vehicle, in the form of a pty limited company named after the of the property and 180 shares are issued within  the company. Each investor within our example is issued with a share certificate for 2 shares, ie their R 100 000 investment as each share is worth R 50 000